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Colorado: First to Legalize Marijuana
Colorado Named "First to Legalize"
by Reuters News Agency

Nov. 6, 2012
A64: "Legalization" Initiative Passes 54% YES to 46% NO and becomes part of Colorado Constitution.

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Even though the authors of A64 say that it is "not legalization",
the whole country is looking at Colorado as the First to Legalize™!!!

Being First to Legalize™ Carries a Lot of Responsibility to Get it Right!

Many longtime cannabis activists in Colorado opposed the language in A64 because they feared it gave too much power to the government to control marijuana smokers. Now that the initiative has passed and it has become part of the Colorado Constitution, it is the duty of all cannabis activists to make sure the law is implemented in a way that endangers as few people as possible.

The main danger is that A64 will set up a situation where there will be
"good" pot smokers vs. "bad" smokers.

The "good" pot smokers
will FUND the first pot cops in the country, the
Colorado Marijuana Criminal Enforcement Division (MCED)

Marijuana Criminal Enforcement Division
This rendering is based on the actual badge of the
Colorado Medical Marijuana Criminal Enforcement Division.

The danger is the MCED will use this new funding source to go after the "bad" pot smokers.

In a true legalization scenario, we would ALL be "good" pot smokers.


Regulation is Not Legalization

Cannabis is a far safer substance than alcohol. No one has ever died of a cannabis overdose in over 10,000 years of constant human testing. It needs very little regulation and

Under A64, the "good" pot smokers are those with one ounce, three flowering plants and who are willing to submit to "strict" regulations and the "bad" pot smokers are those with one gram over one ounce, those with seven plants or those who do not want to submit to state over-regulation.

We have already seen this happen with the medical marijuana industry, and it will happen with the A64-style cannabis industry.

Colorado: First to Legalize


- those with 1.00001 ounces of cannabis or more
- those with more than 3 flowering plants
- those under 18 years old, who comprise most marijuana arrests in Colorado

Also, you can still:
- have your children taken away for cannabis use
- lose your job
- lose your health insurance
- be arrested for DUI-THC

--- A64 does NOT create a right to use marijuana ---

Read all the possible unintended consequences of A64
from the Cannabis Policy Project.


Fear not! For those of you who want to see cannabis taken out of the hands of the Department of Revenue armed regulatory agents and end the long compliance nightmare that is making it impossible for anyone but the very rich to participate in Colorado's highly-regulated cannabis industry (oligopoly), the First to Legalize™ campaign is working to write a "true legalization" ballot initiative that will guarantee more reasonable regulations. Time has expired for the 2012 ballot, so we will start working towards the 2016 ballot.

Let's give the voters of Colorado what they want -

Polls show that 49% of Colorado citizens favor "legalization" of marijuana.

Does Colorado need an extra $18 million in sales tax?

Do you want to stop the funding of illegal drug gangs?

Do you want to make your community safer?

Then it's time to end Prohibition -- again!

Practical Cannabis Regulation Helps Medical Patients

For medical cannabis patients, the First to Legalize™ Constitutional Amendment is an important step in fixing Amendment 20, Colorado's flawed medical marijuana law that was passed by voters in 2000. Like Amendment 64, Amendment 20 was poorly-written by out-of-state interests and has allowed the state to take over the medical marijuana program to the point where there is now a new branch of law enforcement dedicated to fingerprinting and videotaping patients and tracking every gram of cannabis from "seed to sale." Citizens can write a better initiative that will allow all adult Coloradans to have safe access to cannabis, thus protecting the rights of sick people to also have unfettered, safe access. This includes the right to use cannabis on probation.

This website and cause is dedicated to Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 - April 15, 2010). Jack was the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes and the founder of the modern cannabis and hemp re-legalization movement. Since cannabis is one of the safest substances on the planet, he believed there should be no unreasonable restrictions on cannabis cultivation and use by adults. His freedom-based model rejects the sin taxes and over-regulation promoted in law enforcement models. Cannabis should only be subject to normal sales tax, like any other herbal product.

Jack Herer (June 18, 1939 - April 15, 2010). Jack was the author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes

What is a citizen's ballot initiative?
A ballot initiative is a citizen-initiated proposal for a new law. In Colorado, the General Assembly creates most new laws, but the citizens also retain the power to bring new laws directly to a vote of the people through the ballot initiative. The ballot initiative process was designed so that citizens could bring forth proposals that are too controversial or unpopular for the General Assembly to tackle. The process starts by the citizens getting together to write the law. Then they collect signatures on petitions. If enough signatures are collected (about 86,000 signatures of Colo. registered voters are required), then the law goes on the ballot to be voted on by the people.

The campaign for A64 in 2012 cost $3 million and 99% of it was funded by out-of-state interests who want to take over the Colorado cannabis industry. The First to Legalize™ campaign will be a true grassroots campaign with local Colorado support.

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