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Colorado Marijuana Legalization Campaign:
Cannabis Re-Legalization Act of 2014

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The amendment propsed for 2014 will eliminate the problems with Amendment 64. It is called the "Cannabis Re-Legalization Act", and it amends the Colorado Constitution with a new article that re-legalizes cannabis for all uses in Colorado for any citizen 18 years of age and older. It removes all criminal penalties and gives control of cannabis to the people through an independent commission. The goals of this
article are to:
(1) Create a fundamental right to personal cannabis use in Colorado.
(2) Allow personal cannabis use by adults without punishment or discrimination.
(3) Allow commercial cannabis use without restrictions that are onerous or burdensome.
(4) Repeal all criminal statutes and rules that punish or discriminate against the personal and commercial use of cannabis, while leaving other parts of those statutes in effect.
(5) Replace the racist words "marijuana" and "marihuana" with the scientifically-accurate word "cannabis".
(6) Create the Colorado Cannabis Commission to implement this article.
(7) Prohibit the personal and commercial use of cannabis by persons under the age of 18.
(8) Allow existing medical marijuana providers to stay in business.
(9) Require the commercial cannabis industry to self-regulate.
(10) Prohibit the federal government from enforcing federal marijuana laws on Colorado citizens by:
(a) making cannabis a fundamental and absolute right in our Constitution;
(b) requiring the attorney general to file lawsuits against the federal government;
(c) prohibiting state resources from being spent to assist federal marijuana investigations;
(d) providing funding to the commission to, at their discretion, assist Colorado citizens in their legal defense if the federal government threatens to punish them for violating the provisions of this article;
(e) requiring the attorney general to notify the federal government that cannabis needs to be removed from the federal schedule of controlled substances; and
(f) protecting a citizen's right against self-incrimination in federal marijuana crimes as guaranteed by section 18 of article II of this constitution and the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
(11) Require a 2% sales tax on cannabis to fund the commission, require any other tax to be approved by voters, and limit total taxes on cannabis to a maximum of 10%.
(12) Require and authorize the governor, attorney general, general assembly and state agencies to implement this article.
(13) Investigate, impeach or remove from office any state official that does not uphold and enforce this article.
(14) Allow only the use of evidence-based performance tests to be used to determine impairment by cannabis.
(15) Create an affirmative defense to cannabis prosecutions.

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